For National Poetry Month, and Tax Day in the U.S.A, all my poetry books (e-book versions) are half-price, or free if you indicate “How could they pay taxes?” with your order, until May 2, 2019

State of the Union (2018) - An e-chapbook ($15.00). New poems about the state of the union (16 poems).

Different Coasts (2003) - available as PDF ($20.00). A full-length collection of poems (40 poems) on the theme of alienation. Read samples.

Theory of Salvation (2009) - available as PDF ($15.00). A full-length collection of poems (63 poems) exploring the attempt to find meaning in life. Read samples.

My Corner Cafe Chapbook (January 2012) - available as PDF ($12.00). Over 20 poems, NEW and selected, including all poems read at My Corner Cafe.

Note: These are electronic PDF versions. No print books are available at this time.

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State of the Union

$ 15.00 USD

16 poem e-Chapbook